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Age Limits All Around

Posted July 12, 2024 in Ridiculousness

I believe there should be mandatory age limits for the President as well as Congress. This country is being led by doddering old people (mostly men) who should be out spoiling their grandchildren or great grandchildren, not trying to run this country. We have all these politicians keeping their posts into their 80's when they should instead step back and mentor the younger generation that should be running the country.

Debt Ceiling Ridiculousness

Posted June 1, 2023 in Ridiculousness

It's the morning after the House passed the debt ceiling bill we need to keep the country from going into default on its debts. I knew we'd come to an agreement, but there is still no guarantee it will pass the Senate. As I read articles online and listen to the news shows, I'm continuously struck by the hypocrisy of the Republican party.