Building a Sensible America

Eliminate partisan politics to get back to doing what's right for America and Americans before anything else.

Women's Rights

A bunch of old men shouldn't get to tell women what do to with their bodies.
Its just not right!

Congressional Cooperation

Leading means negotiation, compromise, and working together for America.
No partisan politics.

Proper Representation

Political parties are not voting blocks; Congress should represent their constitituents, not vote along party lines.

Legalize Marijuana

A Federal ban on weed while States make it legal is just an unnecessary conflict and creates confusion. Its time to eliminate this nonsense.


America doesn't have an immigration problem, Congress does. We're supposed to be a melting pot of cultures, but Congress spends more time worrying about being re-elected than fixing this problem.

Firearm Responsibility

Most Americans support increased gun restrictions while Republican run governments systematically remove restrictions as more innocents die. We must fix this!