Posted: June 1, 2023

The United States doesn't have an immigration problem, the United States Congress does.

As the Status of Liberty shows us, the US has a long history of welcoming people from other nations to our shores. Throughout the generations, the US Government imposed a variety of immigration restrictions, some of them highly racist and restrictive to what US politicians deemed the 'wrong kind' of people.

Today, and for decades in the past, we've had an issue with illegal immigration (I refuse to use the term undocumented aliens) from beyond our southern border. Currently, the multitudes of people streaming over our southern border are trying to get to the US to make a better life for themselves and their families. In many cases, they're fleeing dangerous situations in their home countries. We don't have laws and processes in place to address this influx.

The US Economy is heavily reliant on people from Mexico and South America to do a lot of the jobs Americans won't do or don't want to do and our immigration policies keep many of the workers from making it into the country.

Many past Presidents and our current President use Executive Orders to control immigration since Congress repeatedly refuses (over decades now) to act to update immigration laws to address our current situation at the border. They're so worried about getting re-elected that they're unwilling to do the hard work, and risk losing re-election, to do the right thing for our country by fixing US Immigration law.

Its embarrassing to watch US Senators and Congressmen throw darts at each other over the border situation while simultaneously refusing to do anything to actually fix the problems they're complaining about. The media images of families risking their lives to make it into our country legally or illegally is an incredibly powerful weapon to abuse for political fundraising purposes.

Immigration is a partisan battleground with your representatives spending more time blaming the other party for the situation and spending no effort actually addressing the problem. This has to stop.